Network options built for your benefits strategy

How can more choice in your benefits package help your business?

More choice means more access to an affordable health plan that fits you and your employees. Find out how a fresh look at your benefits strategy can help you find options—like broader provider access or savings-focused networks—that are built for your business.

Our solutions

With Premera, you can choose from a range of network strategies that can lower your total cost of care and provide your employees with easy access to the providers and care they need.

Broad access

Heritage Network

Premera has spent more than 65 years building one of Alaska’s broadest networks, which gives you and your employees choice and savings.

  • A broad network of physicians ensures more choice.
  • A broad network of hospitals makes access convenient.
  • More claims paid in-network means lower out-of-pocket costs.

Over 4.7K

preferred providers in the network across Alaska 1

National access

BlueCard® Program

A national program that offers your employees access to healthcare services across the country.

  • Uninterrupted benefits while traveling deliver peace of mind.
  • One unified network ensures simplicity and access to discounts.
  • Your employees get the same coverage no matter where they live.


doctors in the network nationwide 2

Dental access

Strong dental network

A broad network of dental providers that enhances your benefits package by increasing access points.

  • Availability of more dental providers means easier access to care for employees.
  • Accessibility of oral health care helps support overall health.
  • Convenience of local and national dental providers means employees are covered wherever they live or work.


in-network dentists available nationwide 3

“Affordable healthcare is important for our employees. We have 260 staff, and everyone is so different in their needs—now we can give them a choice.”

Current Premera employer, HR Director

Learn more about how Premera provides choice for health plan solutions.


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