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How can you offer quality healthcare at a fair price?

Sometimes, employees pay too much for healthcare services that don’t deliver the care they need. That’s why Premera partners directly with providers to create payment models built on trust, shared data, and the goal of slowing cost-of-care increases.

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Premera continuously explores new ways to partner with providers and deliver value-based care that positively impacts members’ lives.

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Premera-Designated Centers of Excellence (PDCOE)

Support for the most common specialty services – knee and hip replacements, spine surgeries, and gynecological procedures – to deliver better patient outcomes at a fair price.

  • Increase the quality of patient outcomes
  • Receive valuable, coordinated member experiences
  • Take the guesswork out of finding high-quality providers
  • Access to high-quality providers in both Anchorage and Seattle


patient discharges and $348B in in-hospital charges annually through the types of specialty care procedures offered in PDCOE 1

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Yukon Network

A network that lowers costs by excluding dialysis providers that are not competitively priced

  • Limits the financial impact of unanticipated dialysis costs for members and employers
  • Reduces expenses when members require dialysis prior to qualifying for Medicare
  • Makes carve-out option for dialysis a reality for self-funded and OptiFlex employers


average annual savings per single dialysis case 2

More support

Diabetes and Chronic Condition Management

Help your workforce and your business bottom line by empowering employees to live better and do more

  • Effect positive health outcomes by with personal health support from expert coaches
  • Improve care experiences through technology that delivers real-time health insights
  • Access to information and support that helps members make important health changes


in estimated annual costs are attributed to diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. 3

“Really, the biggest benefit we experience with Premera is the ability to provide an attractive and more affordable plan choice for our employees that saves them money.”

Current Premera customer, HR Manager

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